Cooks Innovations Fridge Monkey Mat Refrigerator Organizer - Stacks Cans and Bottles for Easy Storage

Product Description

The anti-roll mat for bottles and cans.

The Fridge Monkey is a flexible rubber mat designed to maximize storage space in your fridge. By stacking bottles and cans on the Fridge Monkey it stops them from rolling around. Ideal storage for 10 beer or soft drink cans, 10 beer bottles or 5 wine bottles or any combination. Available in three designer colors: Red, Charcoal or Cream.


  • ORGANIZE – Grooved mat enables pyramidal, horizontal stacking of bottles, cans, jars.
  • NON-SLIP - Mat prevents containers from slipping or rolling.
  • MAXIMIZE STORAGE - Each mat secures up to 10 cans, or 5 wine bottles, or any combination. Doesn’t take up as much space on your refrigerator shelves as packs or dispensers.
  • MULTI-USE - secures bottles, cans, and sealed jars. Also fits in coolers and mini fridges!
  • FLEXIBLE AND PORTABLE – Lightweight rubber mat folds away for easy storage when not in use.
  • UPC code charcoal: 5060143360152
  • UPC code red:          5060143360299
  • UPC code cream:     5060143360169
  • 2-Pack red UPC code: 890906000637
  • 2-Pack charcoal UPC code: 890906000644
  • 2-Pack cream UPC code: 890906000651
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    $ 7.99
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