Plate Spacers Combo 9 Green + 9 Red

Product Description


Plate Spacers are plastic blocks that are placed at three different sides of a prepared plate. These offer space and support between each plate. The piled dishes can be heated up in the microwave or kept warm in the oven (max. 210°F). They can also be kept cold in the fridge or even freezer. The Plate Spacers save space on your countertop and time before serving the dishes. Plates can be prepared in advance and everybody can have their meal at the same time. Packed in sets of 9 (stacks 4 plates). Includes 1 set Red + 1 set Green. Dishwasher safe. PATENTED.

UPC code: 8717729800027.

Nice and Easy does it every time.

$ 12.95 $ 19.95

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